First and foremost, trust matters because it is truly customer centric. Being able to trust is very valuable to customers. It saves time, worry and makes customers feel good. We all have customers that trust us highly ( we hope). How does that feel for you, as the seller?

Trust is not just a win/win concept. It is a win/win/win concept. The benefit of more trust for the customer and sales person is what creates customer value for the organisation.

Ninety- seven percent of sales professionals consider trust critical to their success. That’s intuitively and factually right. A small, 20% increase in trust means a 400% improved buying propensity. Your ability to quickly build trust and manage it makes a huge difference. If you’re in telesales, getting that trust up with the first few sentences to get more time is critical. If you are a law firm, being able to build more trust than others on the panel is the difference between getting or no getting jobs. If you pitch for a billion dollar investment, every little bit of trust is critical. With you and your competitors likely to have sales process and other training in place. There is a little more to be gained from these approaches. In addition, not just your competitors know them and are as good at them as you are, your clients are likely to know them as well. We call it the ‘Sales Armament Race’.

The ability to build more trust with clients is an approach that is truly a win/win/win situation. The organisation wins through increased conversion, premium, loyalty and product uptake. Your team profits from higher confidence, a better selling experience and income. Clients win because most technical and soft skills and people quality being on par, that little bit more or less trust makes a huge difference to your success.


Trust training is therefore not about saying ‘you’re no good at it’. Trust training is about:

  • Maximising every little bit of trustworthiness - Getting that edge more often.
  • Honing your trust skills based on the latest science.
  • Providing you with the tools to build trust more precisely and consciously.
  • Cutting years or decades off ‘learning how to build trust by experience’.
  • Cutting hours off preparing presentations and tenders and making them more effective.
  • Building self trust, confidence and excitement in the team.

Trust Selling Benefits

 A mere 20% trust increase can mean a 400% improvement in buying propensity.

Trust drives your Net promoter score (NPS)

 Trust drives up to 80% of your NPS and satisfaction.