Hutrust® offers you a full quantitative analytics suite that is also used in brand and marketing. The trust analysis can be conducted as a stand- alone, custom survey, or you can integrate the Hutrust® questioning module in any of your surveys.

The Trust & NPS Driver Analysis shows you precisely:

  • What your trust and advocacy is made up of.
  • How strong you are in each trust & advocacy dimension (and benchmark against competitors).
  • What would drive customer trust & advocacy most effectively.
  • How to focus on the opportunities and action them.


  • Know what your trust is made of.
  • Know how to improve trust and your KPIs most effectively.

Hutrust Customer Insight

Hutrust® Profile shows you what your trust is made up of and where the opportunities lie.

Customer Centricity

Hutrust® Drivers tell you what to focus on to build trust most effectively.