The 1 day More Trusted Advisor Workshop, or customised coaching, lets your team experience how powerful the use of the trust learnings are for their sales effectiveness (For examples of application, see the Trust Opportunities page). After experiencing how even a little more or less trust affects buyers and themselves, participants explore what would help customers trust them more. In the process, they maximise their trust equity, usually coming out with over 6-8 times more proofpoints.

The rest of the day is taken up by applying the new trust knowledge to the participant’s key day to day situations, including dealing with barriers and inhibitors.

Participants will leave:

  • Knowing how to assess customer trust and its effect.
  • Having developed their personal trust driver model.
  • Having practiced and documented their optimized scripts and actions (with their change plan).


  • Happier and more confident teams.
  • Shorter lead times.
  • Increased share of wallet.
  • More inbound requests.
  • More wins.
  • Better NPS.

Sales Performance Workshop

Participants discover great new ways to build more trust – making them and their customers happier in return.

The 1 day workshop can be modularised into smaller sessions and one on one coaching.